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If you're interested in one of our positions and fit the description, please email us your resume and at least 2 professional references.

CAD Engineer

Job Location

1925 S Rosemary St, Unit H

Denver, CO 80231



Type of Job

Full Time


$20.00 - $35.00 per hour

About the job

We are a custom manufacturer of cabinetry for residential interiors looking to hire a highly organized and motivated individual to resume the role of a lead draftsperson.


You’re the quarterback for new projects making sure all team members have a clear idea of how to build and execute, and who takes a project from concept to smooth kickoff and production.


An ideal candidate should be highly organized and able to work within time limitations, have a working knowledge of 3D design software, knowledgeable in product selection, space planning, materials and finishes for high end residential clients. The CAD engineer will be in charge of creating cabinetry to a client’s specific taste, cut listing, ordering material specific to their project, and ensuring all parts are delivered correctly. People skills and the ability to communicate with the shop team for project execution is a must. 

Essential Duties and Expectations

Applicants will be required to perform many tasks including, but not limited to:


Level 1: 

  • Perform constructability review of design

  • Draft individual rooms

  • Produce presentable drawings for builders or homeowners 

  • Create a production order that’s easily understood by the rest of the team 

  • Generate cutlist 

  • Create Order Packet & purchase log 


Level 2: 

  • Create bill of materials

  • Create truck list for assembly and delivery 

  • Create install instructions 

  • Draw and engineer each piece in WoodCadCam 

  • Stay up to date on accessory and material trends

  • Answer questions from shop coordinator, assembly and sales 

  • Innovate production & install procedures to increase profitability 


Level 3: 

  • Purchasing

  • Quality control 


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Drawings done by deadline agreed upon with shop coordinator 

  • Drawing revisions under 2

  • Errors (reorders, recuts, etc) under 5

  • Materials excess purchases under 5% of materials budget & late purchases under 1

  • Projects finished within 10% of allotted time

We're offering competitive compensation. Great location in SoBo, antique row. Convenient commute and lunch options. Great, creative shop environment, shared with artists and craftsmen. Looking to start as soon as possible.

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