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Custom Cabinetry Made in House

A lot of builders, architects, and designers don’t have a custom cabinet maker they can rely on. That’s why Abacus Cabinetry offers the best client experience and superior quality and design, leaving your clients delighted and wanting more.

Our Process

Empower | Fabricate | Install 

We’ve created a process to make sure communication is clear and the project is done
on time so so at the end everyone gets what they were promised: 


We work with builders, architects, and designers to inspire their homeowners’ ideas and craft their visions into reality.
Don't have a design in mind? We have an in-house design team. Schedule an appointment for a free 30-minute consultation.

Bring drawings and design inspiration to your

first appointment. 

Our design team will discuss materials, budget,

and layout.

Based on our initial meeting, we'll provide a scope of work.

Once the scope is accepted and the 10%

prefabrication deposit is received, we'll begin

fabrication drawings. 


We manufacture custom cabinets and furniture in Denver, CO

Review the fabrication drawings for final design. 

Once the final design is accepted, we'll discuss a timeline.

Confirm final pricing and layouts.

When we receive the 65% deposit, we'll order materials and begin fabrication. 


We now have a full service in house installation operation
or we can provide guidance to your installer of choice. 

How did we do on your project?

We'll schedule an install and deliver the boxes and parts. 

When we receive the remaining deposit, we'll begin the installation. 

We'll do a walk through to make sure everything's in its place. 

Send final payment for installation and delivery. 


Our capabilities range from european designs for a modern look

to traditional cabinets with face frames for all areas of your space.


Because we’re custom, we have the ability to add lighting, metal details, special hardware, 

wall paneling, hidden doors, and unique functional accessories and features.  

Gallery by Design Style

Gallery by Material

Gallery by Room

Custom Details