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Behind The Scenes

We make cabinetry in Denver, CO. Let us show you how we work at the shop:

At Abacus Cabinetry we use a process that combines traditional craftsmanship and high tech machinery. 

This allows us to build refined custom cabinets with the quality,  detail, and care of the handiwork and the precision of our computer-controlled machines

Our software enables us to send drawings out to the shop once they're signed off and see errors in production and function before anything is produced, so both material and time are not wasted. It also provides clients with a great visualization of their final product to come.

With our CNC  it’s possible to achieve far better accuracy and precision than a human operator. It helps us increase productivity.

Our edge bander puts the finishing touches on our case work and allows us to edge band material up to 3 millimeters.


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