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Caring for Your Cabinets

In the spirit of warmer weather and spring cleaning approaching, the Abacus team wanted to share our 3 keys to getting a long life out of your gorgeous cabinets: 

1. Watch the surface 

Whether you're cleaning wood doors, or a laminate, or painted material makes difference. Cleaning painted cabinets, natural woods, or acrylic should require minimal cleaning. We recommend using a very mild detergent and water solution to remove sticky fingerprints and grime. Make sure to wipe away any excess moisture. Residual moisture on any type of finish can cause bubbling, discoloration and lead to chipping. 

2. Test a spot first 

If you're starting to clean, it's a good idea to spot check a less visible area of your cabinets. Make sure the mild solution and cloth don't have harsh effects on the surface. 

3. Consider adjustments 

surface.  Slight adjustments can make all the difference in your kitchen. Is the trash drawer sticking? Or the cabinet doors have dropped slightly out of alignment? Over time cabinet doors may need adjusting and drawer slides need cleaned out. This is a simply fix anyone with a screwdriver can do. 

In the end, it's also realistic to consider that most cabinets should be replaced every 10-15 years. Wear and tear happens with use over time in busy parts of a home. And the integration with technology and modern materials makes kitchens, bathrooms, and closets come to life.  

Our team at Abacus can take a look at your existing cabinetry and take care of repairs and maintenance. Or if you've decided it's time to replace, we're happy to schedule a design consultation. 303-871-293


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